The accredited Glaucoma Professional Education Programme is for New Zealand optometrists, nurses, orthoptists, ophthalmic technicians and other eye health professionals interested in furthering their understanding of glaucoma and its clinical management. Registered optometrists can earn GE and GPR credits as part of their ongoing professional registration requirements.

About the 2024 Programme

The programme provides an opportunity for eye health professionals to maintain their competence in diagnosing and treating glaucoma, assisting them in delivering the highest level of service and most up-to-date treatments available. The 2024 cases were compiled and prepared by Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer and Dr. Hannah Kersten.

Four cases contain a combination of patient history, clinical examination findings, optic nerve photographs, visual field test results, optical coherence tomography scans as appropriate, and any other relevant clinical information. There are 40 optic discs to grade.

You can complete the programme in any order.

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All resources to complete the programme are included.

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Glaucoma Peer Review (ODOB assessed following the event)
As part of your course registration, we offer two dates for a virtual peer review with an ophthalmologist. There are no longer any CPD credits attached to GPR events. GPR events are now required in addition to the 40 credits required every CPD cycle. Prescribers will receive a met or not met outcome.

Glaucoma peer review sessions facilitated by a glaucoma specialist are offered as part of the registration package. If you would like to book at peer review session separately to the programme these are available at $50.00. There are two dates available (25th June and 10th September). Please contact us to book your peer session as soon as possible at

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