The programme is approved by the NZ Optometrists & Dispensing Opticians Board (ODOB) CPD Accreditation Committee. A total of 11 GE points are available if the full programme is completed.

All cases have been produced and reviewed by qualified glaucoma specialists. The 2024 cases were compiled and prepared by Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer and Dr Hannah Kersten.

Participation is available to any eye health professional.


The Programme consists of 4 new cases per year, including case history, questions, and answers for self-directed learning, followed by a web-based examination comprised of 25 multi-choice and true/false questions. Three attempts are allowed to achieve the 70% pass required by ODOB CPD Accreditation Committee.

Optic Disc Grading

The disc grading component of the programme asks you to grade 40 pairs of optic discs across nine different parameters. Each set of disc photos has been independently graded by a glaucoma specialist ophthalmologist and a glaucoma prescriber optometrist, and correct answers are based on combinations of these gradings.

There may be more than one correct option for some categories, but pick the option that you think best represents the optic disc you are grading. A mark of 6/9 (67%) is required to pass each disc. You are allowed up to three attempts per optic disc. If you pass the assessment, you can still repeat it, but please note that your last attempt will be the one that is recorded.

Please upload your certificates to ODOB before the  31st October 2024.  For this, you need to download the Case Completion Certificate available from the Programme Report page for each successfully completed case &  disc grading component. Case 1 – 60035  (2 GE points), Case 2 – 60037 (2 GE points), Case 3 – 60036(2 GE points), Case 4 – 60042 (2 GE points), Disc Grading – 60067 (3 GE points)

Examination answers will be available for review from 30 November 2024 until 31st December 2024

The cost is NZD $285 (including GST) per programme. Refunds less an administration fee of $70 + GST is at Glaucoma New Zealand’s discretion and will not be made for partially completed cases.

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